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Electron microscopic characterization of cell wall degradation of the 400,000-year-old wooden Schöningen spears
The cell wall degradation of 400,000-year-old wooden spears, excavated in 1994 at the Schöningen brown-coal opencast mine (100 km east of Hannover/Germany), was examined by transmission electronExpand
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The effect of planing on the microscopic structure of Pinus radiata wood cells in relation to penetration of PVA glue
Pinus radiata wood cells and penetration of PVA glue was examined by light microscopy and scanning and transmission electron microscopy. After planing with dull knives the wood cells were greatlyExpand
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Two-dimensional numerical simulations on laser energy depositions in a supersonic flow over a semi-circular body
Abstract Two-dimensional numerical simulations are carried out to investigate the effect of laser energy deposition (single pulse, 10 mJ, 50 mJ, and 100 mJ of absorbed energy) ahead of a semicircularExpand
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On the dynamics of shock-droplet interaction.
Spatio-temporal effect of the breakdown zone in the laser-initiated ignition of atomized ethyl alcohol-air mixture
Abstract Laser initiated ignition would play a vital role in future gas turbine combustors. Two lasers of 270 μJ and 50 mJ pulse energy are used to study the laser-induced spark ignition of atomizedExpand
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