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Mesozooplankton of an Impacted Bay in North Eastern Brazil
Mesozooplankton abundance and distribution at Suape Bay, Pernambuco, was studied to assess the impacts caused by the construction of an internal port to increase the capacity of the Suape PortExpand
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Distribution And Dispersal of Decapod Crustacean Larvae and Other Zooplankton In The Itamaracá Estuarine System, Brazil.
Amostragens quantitativas de plâncton foram desenvolvidas no sistema estuarino de Itamaraca durante baixa-mares diurnas de fevereiro de 1995 a maio de 1996. Utilizou-se uma rede de plâncton de 300µmExpand
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Autonomy and susceptibility to HIV/AIDS among young women living in a slum in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Abstract In Brazil in the last decade there has been an increase in the susceptibility of young women to HIV. This study explored the link between autonomy, or control over major domains of economic,Expand
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Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity associated to peri-urban living places in pregnant women in a rural area of Buenos Aires province, Argentina
Infection with Toxoplasma gondii is very common in humans throughout the world, the intake of raw or undercooked meat with tissue cysts and fruits, vegetables and water contaminated with parasiteExpand
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Zooplankton From a Reef System Under the Influence of the Amazon River Plume
At the mouth of the Amazon River, a widespread carbonate ecosystem exists below the river plume, generating a hard-bottom reef (∼9500 km2) that includes mainly large sponges but also rhodolith beds.Expand
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Small-scale distribution of the mesozooplankton in a tropical insular system
Neste presente trabalho, sao apresentadas as flutuacoes espacial e sazonal da abundância e diversidade do mesozooplâncton, com especial atencao para assembleia de copepodes da area costeira doExpand
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Mesozooplâncton de área recifal do Atlântico Sudoeste Tropical.
Estudos sobre o zooplâncton foram realizados em uma area recifal do Atlântico Sudoeste Tropical (Tamandare, Pernambuco, Brasil) visando conhecer as variacoes na biodiversidade e distribuicao espacialExpand
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