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Intrauterine Growth Restriction Programs the Hypothalamus of Adult Male Rats: Integrated Analysis of Proteomic and Metabolomic Data.
Programming of hypothalamic functions regulating energy homeostasis may play a role in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)-induced adulthood obesity. The present study investigated the effects ofExpand
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Ginkgo biloba Extract Improves Insulin Signaling and Attenuates Inflammation in Retroperitoneal Adipose Tissue Depot of Obese Rats
Due to the high incidence and severity of obesity and its related disorders, it is highly desirable to develop new strategies to treat or even to prevent its development. We have previously describedExpand
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Mania-like elevated mood in rats: Enhanced 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations after sleep deprivation
Abstract Mania is characterized by elevated drive and mood but animal models of mania have often neglected elevated mood. Ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) of 50‐kHz emitted by rats are thought to indexExpand
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Gender-specific effects of intrauterine growth restriction on the adipose tissue of adult rats: a proteomic approach
BackgroundIntrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) may program metabolic alterations affecting physiological functions and lead to diseases in later life. The adipose tissue is an important organExpand
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High-fat diet intake induces depressive-like behavior in ovariectomized rats
This study tested the effects of ovariectomy, allied or not to high-fat feeding and estradiol replacement, on hormonal, metabolic and behavioral parameters, to explore the connection of obesity andExpand
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Description of a new species of Calliostoma (Gastropoda, Calliostomatidae) from Southeastern Brazil
Abstract Calliostoma tupinamba isa new species from Southeastern Brazil, ranging from southern Rio de Janeiro to northern São Paulo, and found only on coastal islands, on rocks and sessileExpand
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Comparative Morphology and Redescription of Three Species of Calliostoma (Gastropoda, Trochoidea) from Brazilian Coast
ABSTRACT The morphology of Calliostoma adspersum, C. depictum and C. hassler, from the Brazilian coast, were studied in detail. Their anatomy has particularities that may be unique to the genus, suchExpand
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Gastropoda : Trochoidea ) collected by the Marion Dufresne ( MD 55 ) expedition in southeastern Brazil , with description of a new species of Calliostoma
The deep-water mollusks collected during the Marion Dufresne (MD55) expedition to the southeastern Brazilian coast in 1987 have been studied in several recent works. The present paper lists andExpand
Allopregnanolone Decreases Evoked Dopamine Release Differently in Rats by Sex and Estrous Stage
Mesolimbic dopamine transmission is dysregulated in multiple psychiatric disorders, including addiction. Previous studies found that the endogenous GABAergic steroidExpand
A new species of Anna from Brazil (Gastropoda, Buccinidae)
Anna capixaba , a new species found in Central South Brazilian Coast is here described. The species is found along the central coast of Espirito Santo state, in depths of 45-60 meters. The newExpand