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A review of the occurrence and diversity of the sphragis in butterflies (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea)
Abstract Males of many butterfly species secrete long-lasting mating plugs to prevent their mates from copulating with other males, thus ensuring their sperm will fertilize all future eggs laid.Expand
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The Effects of the sphragis on male and female genitalia in Acraea (Nymphalidae) butterflies
Male mating plugs have been used in many species to prevent female re-mating and sperm competition. One of the most extreme examples of a mating plug is the sphragis, which is a large, complex andExpand
Uma experiência de educação para a cidadania na Sociologia no Ensino Médio
Muito tem se discutido nas ultimas decadas sobre os aspectos positivos de programas de educacao para a cidadania na educacao basica. Esse tema aparece fortemente nos documentos da UNESCO, de outrasExpand
Is Sexual Conflict a Driver of Speciation? A Case Study With a Tribe of Brush-footed Butterflies.
Understanding the evolutionary mechanisms governing the uneven distribution of species richness across the tree of life is a great challenge in biology. Scientists have long argued that sexualExpand
Citizenship Education as Key Driver for Social Development: A Case Study in the City Of Rio De Janeiro
In recent decades there has been vivid debate on the positive aspects of developing good citizenship education programs in basic education. In this article, we describe the experience of developingExpand