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Contextual Slip and Prediction of Student Performance after Use of an Intelligent Tutor
Intelligent tutoring systems that utilize Bayesian Knowledge Tracing have achieved the ability to accurately predict student performance not only within the intelligent tutoring system, but on paperExpand
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Financial Relationships With Industry Among National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guideline Authors.
Importance Financial conflicts of interest (FCOIs) among authors of clinical practice guidelines have the potential to influence treatment recommendations. Objective To quantify FCOIs with industryExpand
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Predicting Individual Differences for Learner Modeling in Intelligent Tutors from Previous Learner Activities
This study examines how accurately individual student differences in learning can be predicted from prior student learning activities. Bayesian Knowledge Tracing (BKT) predicts learner performanceExpand
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Association Between Reimbursement Incentives and Physician Practice in Oncology: A Systematic Review.
Importance Significant controversy exists regarding whether physicians factor personal financial considerations into their clinical decision making. Within oncology, several reimbursement policiesExpand
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Estimating Individual Differences for Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutors from Reading and Pretest Data
Past studies have shown that Bayesian Knowledge Tracing BKT can predict student performance and implement Cognitive Mastery successfully. Standard BKT individualizes parameter estimates for skills,Expand
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Use of High-Cost Cancer Treatments in Academic and Nonacademic Practice.
BACKGROUND Academic physicians, such as those affiliated with National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, may have different practice patterns regarding the use ofExpand
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Preparing Students for Effective Explaining of Worked Examples in the Genetics Cognitive Tutor
Preparing Students for Effective Explaining of Worked Examples in the Genetics Cognitive Tutor Albert Corbett (corbett@cmu.edu) Ben MacLaren (maclaren@andrew.cmu.edu) Angela Wagner (awagner@cmu.edu)Expand
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Evaluating the Strength of the Association Between Industry Payments and Prescribing Practices in Oncology.
BACKGROUND Financial relationships between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry are common, but factors that may determine whether such relationships result in physician practice changes areExpand
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The Accuracy and Usefulness of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Evidence Blocks Affordability Rating
Background The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines’ Evidence Blocks has the broadest scope of the several oncology value assessment frameworks. The Evidence Blocks includes theExpand
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Differential Impact of Learning Activities Designed to Support Robust Learning in the Genetics Cognitive Tutor
This paper describes two types of Conceptually Grounded Learning Activities designed to foster more robust learning in the Genetics Cognitive Tutor: interleaved worked examples and genetic-processExpand
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