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Crystalline inclusions in chloroplasts of the coconut palm.
Crystal-containing bodies were found in chloroplasts of the coconut palm, healthy palms as well as those suffering from lethal yellowing. The crystals consist of globular bodies, about 12 m μ inExpand
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Stem and Needle Blight of Florida Torreya, Torreya taxifolia Arn.
The Florida Torreya, Torreya taxifolia Arn., a rare species found naturally inhabiting the banks of Florida's Apalachicola Rivier*, is a source of grave concern regarding its preserva tion. TheExpand
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Lethal Yellowing of Coconuts in Florida
The rapid mechanization of gladiolus corm handling on flower farms and the need of quick curing motivated an experiment to compare five methods of curing corms. Four standard varie ties, 750 largeExpand
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