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Conventional superconductivity at 203 kelvin at high pressures in the sulfur hydride system
S sulfur hydride is investigated, and it is argued that the phase responsible for high-Tc superconductivity in this system is likely to be H3S, formed from H2S by decomposition under pressure, which raises hope for the prospects for achieving room-temperature super conductivity in other hydrogen-based materials.
Superconductivity at 250 K in lanthanum hydride under high pressures
A lanthanum hydride compound at a pressure of around 170 gigapascals is found to exhibit superconductivity with a critical temperature of 250 kelvin, the highest critical temperature that has been confirmed so far in a superconducting material.
Conventional superconductivity at 190 K at high pressures
The highest critical temperature of superconductivity Tc has been achieved in cuprates: 133 K at ambient pressure and 164 K at high pressures. As the nature of superconductivity in these materials is
Observation of superconductivity in hydrogen sulfide from nuclear resonant scattering
The results demonstrate that an external static magnetic field of about 0.7 tesla is expelled from the volume of 119Sn foil as a result of the shielding by the H2S sample at temperatures between 4.7 K and approximately 140 K, revealing a superconducting state of H1S.
Crystal Structure of the Superconducting Phase of Sulfur Hydride
The crystal structure of the superconducting phase of hydrogen sulfide (and deuterium sulfide) in the normal andsuperconducting states obtained by means of synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurements, combined with electrical resistance measurements at both room and low temperatures are reported.
Superconducting phase diagram of H3S under high magnetic fields
It is found that H3S behaves as a strong-coupled orbital-limited superconductor over the entire range of temperatures and fields used for the measurements, and is well-described by a model based on strong coupling superconductivity with a coupling constant λ ~ 2.
Superconductivity up to 243 K in yttrium hydrides under high pressure
The discovery of high-temperature conventional superconductivity in H3S with a critical temperature of Tc=203 K was followed by the recent record of Tc ~250 K in the face-centered cubic (fcc)
Superconductivity up to 243 K in the yttrium-hydrogen system under high pressure
A comprehensive study of the yttrium-hydrogen system with the highest predicted Tcs among binary compounds and discusses the contradictions between different theoretical calculations and experimental data.
Superconductivity above 100 K in PH3 at high pressures
Following the recent discovery of very high temperature conventional superconductivity in sulfur hydride (critical temperature Tc of 203 K, Ref1) we searched for superconductivity in other hydrides
Low temperature phase diagram of hydrogen at pressures up to 380 GPa. A possible metallic phase at 360 GPa and 200 K
Two new phases of hydrogen have been discovered at room temperature in Ref.1: phase IV above 220 GPa and phase V above ~270 GPa. In the present work we have found a new phase VI at P~360 GPa and