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Syncytin: the major regulator of trophoblast fusion? Recent developments and hypotheses on its action.
Syncytin is a membrane protein derived from the envelope gene of an endogenous retrovirus of the HERV-W family. The gene appears to be almost exclusively expressed in placenta; the protein was foundExpand
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A two-colour fluorescence assay for the measurement of syncytial fusion between trophoblast-derived cell lines.
Syncytial fusion is a key event in implantation and placentation. Its regulation is only poorly understood. We present a cell-cell fusion assay based on staining of cells in two portions with a greenExpand
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Characterization of trophoblast cell isolations by a modified flow cytometry assay.
The purity of isolated trophoblast cells is an important checkpoint in in vitro studies on the human placenta. Maintaining viability of primary cells for a prolonged period, or achieving cellExpand
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The Molecular Role of Connexin 43 in Human Trophoblast Cell Fusion1
ABSTRACT Connexin expression and gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) mediated by connexin 43 (Cx43)/gap junction A1 (GJA1) are required for cytotrophoblast fusion into the syncytium,Expand
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Mechanisms of syncytial fusion: a review.
Syncytial fusion of trophoblast is a key process in placental morphogenesis and physiology. Disturbed syncytial fusion may lead to a number of pregnancy-associated pathologies. The mechanismsExpand
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A positive immunoselection method to isolate villous cytotrophoblast cells from first trimester and term placenta to high purity.
We developed a method for isolating highly pure villous cytotrophoblast cells from first trimester and term placenta that excludes extravillous trophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast fragments. TheExpand
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Erythropoietin mimetic compound AGEM400(HES) binds to the same receptor as erythropoietin but displays a different spectrum of activities.
EPO mimetic peptides (EMPs) have a completely different structure than erythropoietin (EPO) or new generation recombinant erythropoiesis stimulating agents (ESAs) like Darbepoietin alfa (Aranesp) andExpand
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C-Terminal truncations of syncytin-1 (ERVWE1 envelope) that increase its fusogenicity
Abstract Syncytin-1, the envelope protein of ERVWE1, an endogenous retrovirus of the HERV-W family, plays an important role in regulating fusion of the placental trophoblast. At least one of itsExpand
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Y chromosomal fertility genes of Drosophila: a new type of eukaryotic genes.
The Y chromosomal fertility genes of Drosophila are required for sperm differentiation. They are active only in primary spermatocytes where they form giant lampbrush loops. The molecular structure ofExpand
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