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Boundary conditions for General Relativity on AdS3 and the KdV hierarchy
A bstractIt is shown that General Relativity with negative cosmological constant in three spacetime dimensions admits a new family of boundary conditions being labeled by a nonnegative integer k.Expand
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Canonical quantization of non-commutative holonomies in 2 + 1 loop quantum gravity
In this work we investigate the canonical quantization of 2 + 1 gravity with cosmological constant Λ > 0 in the canonical framework of loop quantum gravity. The unconstrained phase space of gravityExpand
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The SU(2) black hole entropy revisited
We study the state-counting problem that arises in the SU(2) black hole entropy calculation in loop quantum gravity. More precisely, we compute the leading term and the logarithmic correction of bothExpand
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Integrable systems with BMS3 Poisson structure and the dynamics of locally flat spacetimes
A bstractWe construct a hierarchy of integrable systems whose Poisson structure corresponds to the BMS3 algebra, and then discuss its description in terms of the Riemannian geometry of locally flatExpand
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Log corrections to entropy of three dimensional black holes with soft hair
A bstractWe calculate log corrections to the entropy of three-dimensional black holes with “soft hairy” boundary conditions. Their thermodynamics possesses some special features that preclude a naiveExpand
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