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Population growth of human Y chromosomes: a study of Y chromosome microsatellites.
We use variation at a set of eight human Y chromosome microsatellite loci to investigate the demographic history of the Y chromosome. Instead of assuming a population of constant size, as in most ofExpand
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Trading genes along the silk road: mtDNA sequences and the origin of central Asian populations.
Central Asia is a vast region at the crossroads of different habitats, cultures, and trade routes. Little is known about the genetics and the history of the population of this region. We present theExpand
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Origins and divergence of the Roma (gypsies).
The identification of a growing number of novel Mendelian disorders and private mutations in the Roma (Gypsies) points to their unique genetic heritage. Linguistic evidence suggests that they are ofExpand
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Evaluation of Y-chromosomal STRs: a multicenter study
Abstract A multicenter study has been carried out to characterize 13 polymorphic short tandem repeat (STR) systems located on the male specific part of the human Y chromosome (DYS19, DYS288, DYS385,Expand
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Geographic variation in human mitochondrial DNA control region sequence: the population history of Turkey and its relationship to the European populations.
The hypervariable segment I of the control region of the mtDNA (positions 16024-16383) was amplified from hair roots by PCR and sequenced in 45 unrelated individuals from Anatolia (Asian Turkey).Expand
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Mitochondrial DNA variation and the origin of the Europeans
Abstract Sequences from the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region were analyzed in nine European and West Asian populations. They showed low genetic heterogeneity when compared to worldExpand
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Variation in short tandem repeats is deeply structured by genetic background on the human Y chromosome.
Eleven biallelic polymorphisms and seven short-tandem-repeat (STR) loci mapping on the nonrecombining portion of the human Y chromosome have been typed in men from northwestern Africa. Analysis ofExpand
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A tale of two islands: population history and mitochondrial DNA sequence variation of Bioko and São Tomé, Gulf of Guinea
The hypervariable segment I of the control region of the mtDNA was sequenced in 45 unrelated individuals from Bioko and 50 from São Tomé, two islands in the Gulf of Guinea that have had veryExpand
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Genetic structure of north-west Africa revealed by STR analysis
We have analysed a large set of autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci in several Arabic and Berber-speaking groups from north-west Africa (ie Moroccan Arabs, northern-central and southern MoroccanExpand
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Microsatellites provide evidence for Y chromosome diversity among the founders of the New World.
Recently, Y chromosome markers have begun to be used to study Native American origins. Available data have been interpreted as indicating that the colonizers of the New World carried a single founderExpand
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