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Complications of bronchoscopy: comparison of rigid bronchoscopy under general anesthesia and flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy under topical anesthesia.
The number ofmajor complications induced by diagnostic manipulations through the bronchoscope and the total number of major complications were significantly higher than with flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Expand
[Endovascular Helium-Neon laser irradiation of the blood in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis].
The authors analyze the condition of free-radical oxidation and activity of antioxidant system, clinical effectiveness of He-Ne laser therapy of patients with chronic pyelonephritis. It is shown thatExpand
[Complications of bronchoscopy].
Chromobronchoscopy in the diagnosis of bronchial tumors.
It was found that malignant bronchial tumors selectively stain dark blue; normal mucous membranes remain unstained; on this basis one can judge rather accurately how far the cancerous growth has spread along the bronchus, and so reach the target area by biopsy in those cases where visual signs of abnormality are indistinct or absent. Expand
On the methods of disinfecting bronchofibroscopes.
Results were obtained when bronchofibroscopes were disinfected in a clinical setup where they became contaminated with the most common pathogenic and potentially pathogenic microflora from the airways of patients suffering from purulent pulmonary diseases. Expand