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Opportunistic resource exchange in inter-vehicle ad-hoc networks
This paper explores an opportunistic approach to resource recovery, in which a vehicle obtains information about resources from encountered vehicles, and uses a spatio-temporal relevance function to sort the resources, and save only the most relevant ones. Expand
Semantic interoperability in global information systems
Internet, Web and distributed computing infrastructures continue to gain in popularity as a means of communication for organizations, groups and individuals alike, but access to relevant and accurate information is becoming increasingly complex. Expand
Emergent Semantics Principles and Issues
This paper represents an effort to summarize the conditions under which this revolution would take place as well as an attempt to underline its main properties, limitations and possible applications. Expand
Distributed databases and peer-to-peer databases: past and present
By distinguishing between db-centric and P2P-centric features, this paper examines features common to these database systems as well as other ad-hoc features that solely characterize P2p databases and provides a non-exhaustive taxonomy of the most prominent research efforts toward the realization of full-fledged P1P databases. Expand
The Interpolation-Based Bintree and encoding of binary images
Abstract A new structure for representing binary images, called the Interpolation-Based Bintree, is introduced. This structure combines the features of some existing representations such as linearExpand
Multidimensional B-trees for associative searching in database systems
Abstract A new method for multiple attribute indexing, the Multidimensional B -Tree (MBDT), is developed. This method is well suited for dynamic databases, since it handles several types ofExpand
Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing
The agent-based P2P approach offers a conceptually well-founded basis for structuring information systems, which can be thought of as a dynamic, context-sensitive analog of link analysis on today’s static Web. Expand
Storage mappings for multidimensional linear dynamic hashing
Many physical database organizations have been proposed in the past few years to deal with the requirements of handling complex queries efficiently, performing maintenance and updates at low cost,Expand
Efficient Probabilistic Subsumption Checking for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems
This work proposes a 'Monte Carlo type' probabilistic algorithm for the general subsumption problem and shows significant gains in term of subscription set reduction which has favorable impact on the overall system performance as it reduces the total computational costs and networking traffic. Expand