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Lung function and postural changes during pregnancy.
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of postural changes on lung function in pregnant women during the first, second, third trimester and post partum. A significant decrease in FRC, PEFExpand
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Search and selection processes in implicit and explicit word-stem completion performance in young, middle-aged, and older adults
In the present investigation, we sought to (1) replicate previous reports of impaired word-stem completion (WSC) priming and cued recall performance in older adults, (2) gain a better understandingExpand
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Mg(2+) binding to the Gla domain of factor X influences the interaction with tissue factor.
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Full-wave analysis of a two slot microstrip filter using a new algorithm for computation of the spectral integrals
An integral equation is formulated in the spectral domain for a two slot microstrip filter using the exact Green's function for the grounded dielectric substrate. Using a moment method (MM)Expand
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Antenna development for MetOp Second Generation wind scatterometer
This paper describes the wind scatterometer instrument on board the MetOp Second Generation satellites and the associated antennas, which are under development for launch in the 2020 time-frame. TheExpand
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MetOp-SG SCA antenna breadboard: Definition, manufacturing and testing
This paper describes the definition, manufacturing and testing of the antenna breadboard demonstrator intended for the MetOp-SG SCAtterometer Instrument. The breadboard is a dual polarization arrayExpand
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Group B streptococci in the lower urogenital tract and late abortions.
The occurrence of group B streptococci in the lower urogenital tract of 150 women with signs of abortion and 100 women with uncomplicated pregnancy was studied. Group B streptococci appearedExpand
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Sentinel-1 mission capabilities and SAR system calibration
The paper provides an overview of the GMES Sentinel-1 system characteristics including the SAR imaging modes and their key performance parameters as well as the specifics of related attitude andExpand
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A thermally stable dual-polarized waveguide array
This paper presents simulated and measured results for a dual polarized slotted waveguide antenna panel in C-band. Dual polarization is achieved by interleaving ridge waveguides with rectangularExpand
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Verification of the GMES Sentinel-1 Antenna Model
The C-SAR Antenna Subsystem (SAS) of the European Radar Observatory Sentinel-1 is based on an active dual-polarized phased array consisting of 280 waveguide subarrays for each polarization. In thisExpand
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