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Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases
The book Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases is a worthwhile contribution to the basic phenomena in nitrogen, oxygen and other atmospheric gases. It contains basic introductory chapters onExpand
REVIEWS OF TOPICAL PROBLEMS: Kinetic and gasdynamic processes in nonequilibrium molecular physics
We review the propagation of optical and hydrodynamic perturbations in a gas having nonequilibrium internal degrees of freedom. We discuss the nonequilibrium processes that lead to variation of theExpand
The Sensitivity of Cognitive Processes to the Inhomogeneity of Natural Magnetic Fields
Three experiments were carried out to study the influence of inhomogeneity of natural magnetic field (MF) on animal cognition. Wistar rats (n = 90) were placed in a complicated problem environment,Expand
The Shock Tube
To study the excitation of dissociation and ionization of molecules in a shock tube, one must establish a temperature at which these phenomena could take place. What conditions are necessary for thisExpand
Relaxation Processes in Shock Waves
In the preceding chapters we have considered the experimental study of nonequilibrium phenomena in shock waves. This and the next chapter are devoted to the theoretical analysis of relaxationExpand
Natural convection in an annulus between coaxial horizontal cylinders with internal heat generation
Abstract Natural convection of gas ( Pr  = 0.7) between two horizontal coaxial cylinders with uniform internal heat generation is numerically investigated. Such a problem plays an important role inExpand
Influence of natural convection on the parameters of thermal explosion in the horizontal cylinder
The problem of a thermal explosion in the cylinder has been solved taking into account the natural convection. Both the classical solution of the Frank-Kamenetskii model and a realistic model of aExpand
Flash ignition of a carbon nanotube
A mechanism for the flash ignition of a carbon nanotube (CNT) is proposed. At the first stage (during flash ignition) oxidation of an ultradispersed impurity of metals in the CNT occurs. At theExpand
Influence of the initial vibrationally nonequilibrium state of a medium on the structure of von Karman vortex street
Numerical simulations of the flow of a vibrationally nonequilibrium gas around a circular cylinder have been undertaken. Distributions of velocity, temperature, and pressure in the wake behind theExpand