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(1584) Proposal to conserve the name Acacia (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) with a conserved type
The present type of Acacia is generally considered to be A. scorpioides (L.) Delile (/ Mimosa nilotica L.) as type, but acceptance of Pedley's classification would necessitate a very large number of changes to current nomenclature. Expand
Nomenclatural and classification history of Acacia (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae), and the implications of generic subdivision
Information is provided on how to identify and manage threatened species at risk of decline in Australia through a range of natural and man-made threats. Expand
Proteaceae 2, Grevillea
This volume completes the treatment of the subfamily Grevillioideae, with over 640 species in trive Grevilleae (Grevillea, Hakea) and tribe Banksieae (Banksia, Dryandra, Musgravea and Austromuellera). Expand
The controversy over the retypification of Acacia Mill. with an Australian type: a pragmatic view
An objective, non-partisan summary of the issue and the recommendation that the international taxonomic community should accept the retypification of Acacia and move on is provided. Expand
Fungi of Australia
This text introduces a new classification of mushrooms, and provides keys devised by John Walker, and includes chapters on the biology of fungi, the Australian aspects of the history of mycology, biogeography and fossil record, and a glossary ofmycological terms. Expand
The case for conserving Acacia with a new type
Taxonomy, and its related discipline of nomencla ture, is the foundation upon which all biological sciences rely. Names are the fundamental units that enable people to communicate and exchangeExpand