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Impact of Governance Instruments on the Productivity of Nigerian Listed Firms
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)IntroductionModern day business has always suffered from the dilemma of the sole goal of profit maximization or the satisfaction of other goals like personalExpand
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New corporate code and immediate performance change of the Nigerian firms
Purpose – This study aims to investigate the immediate impact of a newly released code of governance on the financial performance of Nigerian companies. Tests are carried out to determine whetherExpand
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CSR and sustainable community development in Nigeria: WAPCO, a case from the cement industry
Purpose - Following the scarcity of studies in the developing countries, particularly Africa, on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable community development, this paper intends toExpand
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A small macroeconometric model of the Nigerian economy
This study develops and uses for forecast a small-scale macro-econometric model of the Nigerian economy. The effects of three policy scenarios built around the assumptions of the changes that theExpand
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This work, in an agency framework, adds to the few literatures on Nigeria by examining the impact of corporate governance on firm financial performance. Using a sample of 64 listed non-financialExpand
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Geographical and Policy Factors in Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Africa
This paper analyzed the geographical and policy factors determining Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows to four regions of Africa over the period 1980 to 2010. Based on the eclectic paradigm, aExpand
The role of the F-region vertical drift on the onset time of the equatorial spread F over Ilorin, Nigeria
The equatorial ionosphere often shows the occurrence of plasma-density irregularities and velocity fluctuations with a broad range of scale sizes and amplitudes. These irregularities in the F-regionExpand
Corporate social responsibility of a Nigerian polluter: the West African Portland Cement (WAPCO) Nigerian PLC's case
Purpose - Owing to the dearth of studies in Africa on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community satisfaction with them, this study aims to examine the case of WAPCO and its hostExpand
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