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Kinetics of organic matter degradation, microbial methane generation, and gas hydrate formation in anoxic marine sediments
Seven sediment cores were taken in the Sea of Okhotsk in a south-north transect along the slope of Sakhalin Island. The retrieved anoxic sediments and pore fluids were analyzed for particulateExpand
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Hydrate-bearing structures in the Sea of Okhotsk
Gas hydrates are natural gas reservoirs in ice-like crystalline solids, and are stable in pore spaces of submarine sediments in water depths greater than about 300–500 m. They have been recovered inExpand
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Sources and sinks of methane in Lake Baikal: A synthesis of measurements and modeling
We studied the methane (CH4) budget of Lake Baikal, the most voluminous lake in the world and the only freshwater body with known occurrences of methane hydrates in the sediments. CH4 concentrationsExpand
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Structure and thermal expansion of natural gas clathrate hydrates
Abstract We report on the structural properties of natural gas hydrate crystals from the Sea of Okhotsk. Using powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), it was determined that sediments from four locationsExpand
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Relations between methane venting, geological structure and seismo-tectonics in the Okhotsk Sea
Methane investigations carried out in the Okhotsk Sea show that the methane flux from the earth’s interior into the water column increased during periods of seismo-tectonic activity between 1988 andExpand
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Characteristics of shallow gas hydrate in Okhotsk Sea
Multidisciplinary field investigations were carried out in Okhotsk Sea by R/V Akademik M.A. Lavrentyev (LV) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in May 2006, supported by funding agencies fromExpand
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New data on lineament control of modern centers of methane degassing in east Asian seas
This paper reports on the heaviest submarine fluxes of natural gas bubbles (flares) that have occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Laptev Sea, and Lake Baikal. It has been concluded that there is aExpand
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Gas content of bottom sediments and geochemical indicators of oil and gas on the shelf of the East Siberian Sea
The work reports on the results of geochemical studies of the bottom sediments on the shelf of the East Siberian Sea. The sediments’ gas content, gas composition, and gas geochemical and isotopicExpand
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Fluid-Controlling Significance of the Nosappu Fracture Zone and Conditions for the Formation of Methane Fluxes and Gas Hydrates (Sea of Okhotsk Region)
It has been observed that the intensity of underwater gas flares unexpectedly increased after the deep-focus (625.9 km) earthquake that occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk on August 14, 2012. In thisExpand
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Distribution and expression of gas seeps in a gas hydrate province of the northeastern Sakhalin continental slope, Sea of Okhotsk
Abstract Multidisciplinary surveys were conducted to investigate gas seepage and gas hydrate accumulation on the northeastern Sakhalin continental slope (NESS), Sea of Okhotsk, during jointExpand
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