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The Whole World Is Watching
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Social conflict and social movements
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Theories of Social Conflict
Conflict results from purposeful interaction among two or more parties in a competitive setting. It refers to overt behavior rather than to potential for action and to subjective states. According toExpand
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The manipulation of ethnicity: from ethnic cooperation to violence and war in Yugoslavia
The story of the failure of bargaining among ethnic élites and of international diplomacy is well known. What has not been well explained is the spread and support for xenophobic nationalism andExpand
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Social Movements: Ideologies, Interests, and Identities
More than any other topic in social science, the study of social movements provides an opportunity to combine social theory with political action. Such study is a key to understanding theExpand
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Conflict and Peace Building in Divided Societies: Responses to Ethnic Violence
1. The Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict 2. Insurgency, Terrorism, Human Rights, and the Laws of War 3. Peace Intervention 4. War and Peace in Bosnia 5. The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process 6. The PeaceExpand
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The Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe.
To account for the revolutions across Eastern Europe in 1989, Gale Stokes looks back to 1968 and provides an accessible analysis and a monumental history of events to the present day. He analyses theExpand
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Rational Choice in Collective Protests
A rational choice (RC) formulation of value-expectancy theory of participation in collective protests is described and applied to East German popular protests against the Communist regime in 1989.Expand
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