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pGD vectors: versatile tools for the expression of green and red fluorescent protein fusions in agroinfiltrated plant leaves.
We have constructed a matched set of binary vectors designated pGD, pGDG and pGDR for the expression and co-localization of native proteins and GFP or DsRed fusions in large numbers of plant cells.Expand
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Biology of plant rhabdoviruses.
The Rhabdoviridae, whose members collectively infect invertebrates, animals, and plants, form a large family that has important consequences for human health, agriculture, and wildlife ecology. PlantExpand
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A High Throughput Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus Vector for Virus Induced Gene Silencing in Monocots and Dicots
Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) is a single-stranded RNA virus with three genome components designated alpha, beta, and gamma. BSMV vectors have previously been shown to be efficient virus inducedExpand
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The tomato bushy stunt virus replicase proteins are coordinately expressed and membrane associated.
Two open reading frames at the 5'-end of the tomato bushy stunt virus genomic RNA are predicted to encode a 33-kDa (p33) protein and its 92-kDa (p92) readthrough product. From amino acid sequenceExpand
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Hordeivirus replication, movement, and pathogenesis.
The last Hordeivirus review appearing in this series 20 years ago focused on the comparative biology, relationships, and genome organization of members of the genus ( 68 ). Prior to the 1989 review,Expand
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Nucleotide sequence and infectivity of a full-length cDNA clone of panicum mosaic virus.
The sequence of an infectious cDNA clone of panicum mosaic virus (PMV) showed that the single-stranded RNA genome is 4326 nucleotides (nt) and a single highly abundant subgenomic (sg) RNA of 1475 ntExpand
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Varied movement strategies employed by triple gene block-encoding viruses.
Several RNA virus genera belonging to the Virgaviridae and Flexiviridae families encode proteins organized in a triple gene block (TGB) that facilitate cell-to-cell and long-distance movement. TheExpand
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Plant virus gene vectors for transient expression of foreign proteins in plants.
The development of plant virus gene vectors for expression of foreign genes in plants provides attractive biotechnological tools to complement conventional breeding and transgenic methodology. TheExpand
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The barley stripe mosaic virus 58-kilodalton beta(b) protein is a multifunctional RNA binding protein.
The barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) beta(b) gene product is the major viral nonstructural protein synthesized during early stages of the infection cycle and is required for systemic movement of theExpand
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Infectious barley stripe mosaic virus RNA transcribed in vitro from full-length genomic cDNA clones.
Full-length genomic cDNA clones of the Type and ND18 strains of barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) were transcribed in vitro using T7 RNA polymerase. The combination of RNAs alpha, beta, and gammaExpand
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