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Snails as meat source: Epidemiological and nutritional perspectives
The proximate analysis showed that African giant snail (Achatina fulica) was nutritionally richer than the other snails and mineral determination showed thatAfrican giant snail had the highest amount of minerals.
Studies on the biocidal and cell membrane disruption potentials of stem bark extracts of Afzelia africana (Smith).
It is proposed that the stem bark of Afzelia africana is a potential source of bioactive compounds of importance to the pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmacological Evaluation of Selected Medicinal Plants Used in the Management of Oral and Skin Infections in Ebem-Ohafia District, Abia State, Nigeria
The data obtained substantiate the traditional use of these herbal remedies in the region and open the possibility for the development of cheaper and affordable drugs in the treatment of oral and skin infections.
Effects of direct-fed lactic acid bacteria on weight gain and ruminal ph of two South African sheep breeds
A ruminant’s digestion depends on microbial degradation of feed rather than endogenous enzyme degradation as in most monogastric animals. The study was conducted to assess the effects of Lactic Acid