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Prevalence of headache syndromes in panic disorder.
We investigated the prevalence of headache in a group of patients attending a psychiatric clinic because suffering from panic disorder, according to DSM-IV criteria. The psychopathological assessmentExpand
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Wandering and dementia
Wandering represents one of many behavioural problems occurring in people with dementia. To consider the phenomenon of wandering behaviour in demented patients, we conducted searches using MedlineExpand
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Psychiatric Comorbidity and Psychosocial Stress in Patients with Tension-Type Headache From Headache Centers in Italy
A multicenter study was carried out in 10 Italian Headache Centers to investigate the prevalence of psychosocial stress and psychiatric disorders listed by the IHS classification as the “most likelyExpand
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Headache, panic disorder and depression: comorbidity or a spectrum?
Past epidemiological and clinical research has identified depression as the most common psychiatric disorder associated with headache. The present study carried out in a neurology headache clinicExpand
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Nummular headache dramatically responsive to indomethacin
Dear Sir Nummular headache (NH) may be considered as primary neuralgia characterized by focal pain in a single round or elliptical area of the head surface (1). The pain is unilateral, usuallyExpand
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Psychiatric comorbidity in a population of Parkinson's disease patients
Behavioural disturbances are frequently observed in Parkinson's disease (PD), including mood and anxiety disorders. The existence of a comorbidity between such psychiatric disorders in PD patientsExpand
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Sleep disturbances and dementia
Sleep is a complex behavioural state, the ultimate functions of which remain poorly understood. It becomes more fragmented as we age, with more night‐time awakenings and greater tendency for daytimeExpand
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White Matter MRI Hyperintensities in a Hundred and Twenty-Nine Consecutive Migraine Patients
The most frequently reported abnormal MRI finding in migraine is the presence of high signal white matter foci (WMF) on long TR images. Recently, WMF have been distinguished in periventricular WMFExpand
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Phantom Eye
We prospectively evaluated the frequency, time-course and predisposing factors of phantom eye syndrome in 53 patients who underwent surgical eye amputation to cure ocular cancer. Before surgery,Expand
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Environmental factors and Parkinson's disease: a case-control study in the Tuscany region of Italy.
To date the aetiology of Parkinson's disease (PD) is unknown although both genetic susceptibility and environmental factors appear to play an important role in the development of the disease. RecentExpand
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