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Comparison of the SFI peculiar velocities with the IRAS 1.2‐Jy gravity field
We present a comparison between the peculiar velocity fields measured from a recently completed l-band Tully–Fisher survey of field spirals (SFI) and that derived from the IRAS 1.2-Jy redshift survey
An interesting test of Einstein's equivalence principle (EEP) relies on the observed lag in the arrival times of photons emitted from extragalactic transient sources. Attributing the lag between
The cosmological bulk flow: consistency with $\Lambda$CDM and $z\approx 0$ constraints on $\sigma_8$ and $\gamma$
We derive estimates for the cosmological bulk flow from the SFI++ Tully-Fisher (TF) catalog. For a sphere of radius $40 \hmpc$ centered on the MW, we derive a bulk flow of $333 \pm 38\kms $ towards
Tracing large-scale fluctuations back in time
A quasi-linear method for recovering the growing mode of the initial fluctuations of a cosmological gravitating system from the present large-scale peculiar velocity or density field is presented and
Comparison of velocity and gravity fields: the mark III tully-fisher catalog versus the iras 1.2 jy survey
We consider a measure of the peculiar velocity field derived from the Mark III compilation of 2900 spiral galaxies (Willick et al.), using an analysis method that is substantially free of bias
Self-similar spherical collapse with non-radial motions
We derive the asymptotic mass profile near the collapse center of an initial spherical density perturbation, $\delta \propto M^{-\epsilon}$, of collision-less particles with non-radial motions. We
Evolution of one-point distributions from Gaussian initial fluctuations
We study the quasilinear evolution of the one-point probability density functions (PDFs) of the smoothed density and velocity fields in a cosmological gravitating system beginning with Gaussian
Modified Newtonian dynamics of large-scale structure
We examine the implications of modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) on the large-scale structure in a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe. We employ a 'Jeans swindle' to write a MOND-type relationship
Local gravity versus local velocity: solutions for β and non-linear bias
We perform a reconstruction of the cosmological large scale flows in the nearby Universe using two complementary observational sets. The first, the SFI++ sample of Tully-Fisher (TF) measurements of
Revisiting the NVSS number count dipole
We present a realistic modeling of the dipole component of the projected sky distribution of NVSS radio galaxies. The modeling relies on mock catalogs generated within the context of $\Lambda$CDM