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Effects of porosity and clay content on wave velocities in sandstones
The ultrasonic compressional (Vp) and shear (Vs) velocities and first‐arrival peak amplitude (Ap) were measured as functions of differential pressure to 50 MPa and to a state of saturation on 75Expand
Elastic‐wave velocity in marine sediments with gas hydrates: Effective medium modeling
We offer a first-principle-based effective medium model for elastic-wave velocity in unconsolidated, high porosity, ocean bottom sediments containing gas hydrate. The dry sediment frame elasticExpand
Elasticity of high‐porosity sandstones: Theory for two North Sea data sets
We have analyzed two laboratory data sets obtained on high‐porosity rock samples from the North Sea. The velocities observed are unusual in that they seem to disagree with some simple models based onExpand
An exact effective stress law for elastic deformation of rock with fluids
The exact expressions for the effective stress 〈σij〉 and, in particular, pressure 〈P〉 that cause elastic strain of material with pore fluids are, assuming only that Hook's law is valid, 〈σij〉 = σij -Expand
Ultrasonic velocity and anisotropy of hydrocarbon source rocks
An experimental study of the physical properties of black, kerogen‐rich shales, also including maturation analysis, scanning electron microscope (SEM) observations, and physical modeling, revealedExpand
Evolution of pull‐apart basins and their scale independence
Pull-apart basins or rhomb grabens and horsts along major strike-slip fault systems in the world are generally associated with horizontal slip along faults. A simple model suggests that the width ofExpand
Laboratory measurements of porosity and compressional velocity were conducted on unconsolidated brine saturated clean Ottawa sand, pure kaolinite, and their mixtures at various confining pressures. AExpand
Dynamic poroelasticity: A unified model with the squirt and the Biot mechanisms
The velocities and attenuation of seismic and acoustic waves in rocks with fluids are affected by the two most important modes of fluid/solid interaction: (1) the Biot mechanism where the fluid isExpand
Critical porosity; a key to relating physical properties to porosity in rocks
Discovering accurate relations between porosity and seismic wave velocities in porous rocks has been an important topic of rock physics for decades. Such relations, if they actually exist, areExpand
The effect of saturation on velocity in low porosity rocks
Abstract V p and V s are often significantly lower near atmospheric pressure than at pressures of a few kilobars for dry rocks with porosity in the form of cracks. When such cracks are filled withExpand