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Soil porosity and water infiltration as influenced by tillage methods
Abstract The relations between soil pore structure induced by tillage and infiltration play an important role in flow characteristics of water and solutes in soil. In this study, we assessed theExpand
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Effect of drought and heat stresses on plant growth and yield: a review
Abstract Drought and heat stresses are important threat limitations to plant growth and sustainable agriculture worldwide. Our objective is to provide a review of plant responses and adaptations toExpand
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The effect of aggregate size on water retention and pore structure of two silt loam soils of different genesis
Aggregate size distribution and pore structure affect many soil functions and root growth. The aggregate structure is associated with soil genesis and management practices applied. In this study theExpand
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Alterations of the lipid content and fatty acid profile of Chlorella protothecoides under different light intensities.
Chlorella protothecoides is a valuable source of lipids that may be used for biodiesel production. The present work shows analysis of the potential of photoheterotrophic cultivation of C.Expand
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Effect of aggregate size on water movement in soils
A b s t r a c t. The effect of aggregate size on hydraulic conductivity coefficient of two tilled soils with different genesis and the same texture is presented. The distribution of values of theExpand
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Transgenerational effects of temporal drought stress on spring barley morphology and functioning
Abstract Drought stress affects plants leaving a long-lasting imprint that may be passed onto progeny, affecting its growth and functioning. The aim of the research was to analyse theExpand
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Effect of soil compaction on dehydrogenase activity in bulk soil and rhizosphere
A b s t r a c t. The effect of soil compaction on dehydrogenase activity of the bulk soil and soil rhizosphere surrounding roots of spring wheat were investigated. The measurements were made atExpand
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The effect of compacted soil layers on vertical root distribution and water uptake by wheat
Background and aimsSoil compaction strongly affects water uptake by roots. The aim of the work was to examine soil—plant interactions with focus on the impact of distribution of compacted soil layersExpand
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Strong-light-induced yellowing of green microalgae Chlorella: A study on molecular mechanisms of the acclimation response
Abstract Two strains of unicellular microalgae, Chlorella protothecoides and Chlorella vulgaris, subjected to strong light conditions (400 μmol photons m− 2 s− 1) turn yellow, as compared to theExpand
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