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Acoustic cloaking theory
  • A. Norris
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical…
  • 1 May 2008
An acoustic cloak is a compact region enclosing an object, such that sound incident from all directions passes through and around the cloak as though the object was not present. A theory of acoustic
Low‐frequency dispersion and attenuation in partially saturated rocks
A theory is developed for the attenuation and dispersion of compressional waves in inhomogeneous fluid‐saturated materials. These effects are caused by material inhomogeneity on length scales of the
The Closest Elastic Tensor of Arbitrary Symmetry to an Elasticity Tensor of Lower Symmetry
The closest tensors of higher symmetry classes are derived in explicit form for a given elasticity tensor of arbitrary symmetry. The mathematical problem is to minimize the elastic length or distance
Scattering of flexural waves on thin plates
Abstract Some general results are presented concerning the scattering of flexural waves from regions of inhomogeneity on flat plates. We derive a flux conservation relation for arbitrary motion, and
Radiation from a point source and scattering theory in a fluid-saturated porous solid
The time harmonic Green function for a point load in an unbounded fluid‐saturated porous solid is derived in the context of Biot’s theory. The solution contains the two compressional waves and one
An Examination of the Mori-Tanaka Effective Medium Approximation for Multiphase Composites
The Mori-Tanaka method is considered in the context of both scalar thermal conductivity and anisotropic elasticity of multiphase composites, and some general properties are deduced. Particular
Analytical formulation of three-dimensional dynamic homogenization for periodic elastic systems
Homogenization of the equations of motion for a three-dimensional periodic elastic system is considered. Expressions are obtained for the fully dynamic effective material parameters governing the