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astrophorus. Sri Lanka [OR]. Acanthiophilus astrophorus Hering 1939[ 2182]: 187.—Sri Lanka. Western: Colombo. LT/ NMW. Lectotype designated by Hardy 1968: 129. [6602422] brunneus. Ethiopia, e. Zaire,Expand
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Vouchering DNA-barcoded specimens: test of a nondestructive extraction protocol for terrestrial arthropods
Morphology-based keys support accurate identification of many taxa. However, identification can be difficult for taxa that are either not well studied, very small, members of cryptic speciesExpand
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New species and phylogenetic analysis of Cryptodacus, Haywardina , and Rhagoletotrypeta (Diptera: Tephritidae)
The genera Cryptodacus, Haywardina, and Rhagoletotrypeta are revised, and the cladistic relationships among their species are analyzed. Cryptoplagia Aczel is synonymized with Haywardina, and LezcaExpand
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The fauna of Tephritidae (Diptera) from capitula of Asteraceae in Brazil
This is the first comprehensive survey of the fauna of Tephritidae that breed in capitula of Asteraceae in southern and southeastern Brazil, resulting from a sampling program begun in 1985. Expand
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Fruit Flies of the Genus Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae) and Associated Native Parasitoids (Hymenoptera) in the Tropical Rainforest Biosphere Reserve of Montes Azules, Chiapas, Mexico
Abstract We report the results of a 2-yr survey that determined some of the host plant and parasitoid associations of Anastrepha fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in the “Montes Azules” tropicalExpand
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Comprehensive inventory of true flies (Diptera) at a tropical site
Estimations of tropical insect diversity generally suffer from lack of known groups or faunas against which extrapolations can be made, and have seriously underestimated the diversity of some taxa.Expand
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A global checklist of the 932 fruit fly species in the tribe Dacini (Diptera, Tephritidae)
Abstract The correct application of the scientific names of species is neither easy nor trivial. Mistakes can lead to the wrong interpretation of research results or, when pest species are involved,Expand
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