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Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases: Relaxation, Transfer, and Reactions in Condensed Molecular Systems
PART I: BACKGROUND 1. Review of some mathematical and physical subjects 2. Quantum dynamics using the time-dependent Schrodinger equation 3. An overview of quantum electrodynamics and matter
Spectroscopic properties of molecules interacting with small dielectric particles
Optical properties of small dielectric spheroids with or without adsorbed molecules are studied theoretically. Expressions for the absorption line shapes, the radiative and nonradiative decay rates,
Electron Transport in Molecular Wire Junctions
Molecular conductance junctions are structures in which single molecules or small groups of molecules conduct electrical current between two electrodes and there is still limited correspondence between experimental and theoretical studies of these systems.
Electromagnetic theory of enhanced Raman scattering by molecules adsorbed on rough surfaces
A theory for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is developed. Effects due to realistic surface geometry and dielectric properties are included. Three sources of enhanced Raman scattering are
Electron transmission through molecules and molecular interfaces.
  • A. Nitzan
  • Physics, Chemistry
    Annual review of physical chemistry
  • 16 February 2001
The most important molecular environment for electron transfer and transmission is water, and the current theoretical understanding of electron transmission through water layers is reviewed, and overbarrier transmission, exemplified by photoemission through adsorbed molecular layers or low-energy electron Transmission through such layers is provided.
Covalently bonded single-molecule junctions with stable and reversible photoswitched conductivity
A fully reversible, two-mode, single-molecule electrical switch with unprecedented levels of accuracy, stability, consistency, and reproducibility is demonstrated.
Spin-boson thermal rectifier.
This work considers two variants of the anharmonic system-a spin-boson nanojunction model that yield analytical solutions: a linear separable model in which the heat reservoirs contribute additively, and a nonseparable model suitable for a stronger system-bath interaction.
Thermal conductance through molecular wires
We consider phononic heat transport through molecular chains connecting two thermal reservoirs. For relatively short molecules at normal temperatures we find, using classical stochastic simulations,