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Genomic Minimalism in the Early Diverging Intestinal Parasite Giardia lamblia
The genome of the eukaryotic protist Giardia lamblia, an important human intestinal parasite, is compact in structure and content, contains few introns or mitochondrial relics, and has simplifiedExpand
The Giardia lamblia vsp gene repertoire: characteristics, genomic organization, and evolution
BackgroundGiardia lamblia trophozoites colonize the intestines of susceptible mammals and cause diarrhea, which can be prolonged despite an intestinal immune response. The variable expression of theExpand
News & Notes: Bioremediation of Crude Oil Contamination with Acinetobacter sp. A3
Abstract.Acinetobacter sp. A3 is able to extensively degrade Bombay High Crude Oil (BHCO) and utilize it as the sole source of carbon. A total degradation of 70% BHCO was noted by the end of 120 h ofExpand
Assembly and promoter analysis of variant-specific surface protein (vsp) genes of Giardia lamblia
Giardia lamblia undergoes antigenic variation of variant-specific surface proteins (VSPs) that are encoded by a family of ~150 vsp genes only one of which is expressed at a time. The vsp geneExpand