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Antitumoractive Endoperoxides from Triterpenes
A series of triterpene endoperoxides was synthesized and screened for antitumor activity in a panel of 15 human cancer cell lines by a sulforhodamine‐B (SRB) assay. The compounds induce apoptosis andExpand
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Antitumoractive Endoperoxides from Triterpenes.
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A Novel Long-Chained Acetate in the Defensive Secretion of Thrips
Defensive secretions of adult and larval Suocerathrips linguis (Phlaeothripidae, Thysanoptera) were found to contain a long-chained acetate, (11Z)-11,19-eicosadienyl acetate, that was not previouslyExpand
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Synthesis of a natural insect repellent isolated from thrips
Abstract A convenient, high yield procedure for the synthesis of (11Z)-11,19-eicosadienyl acetate ( 1 ) has been developed. This compound shows strong repellent activity against ants.
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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a “Natural” Insect Repellent
Abstract (11Z)-11,19-Icosadienyl acetate (1) has been shown to be an efficient repellent against the ant Myrmica rubra whereas its corresponding (11E) stereoisomer 2 does not exhibit any repellentExpand
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