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Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta)
Abstract We synthesize data on all known extant and fossil Coleoptera family-group names for the first time. A catalogue of 4887 family-group names (124 fossil, 4763 extant) based on 4707 distinctExpand
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Phylogeny of the Coleoptera Based on Morphological Characters of Adults and Larvae
Abstract. In order to infer phylogenetic relationships within the extraordinarily speciesrich order Coleoptera, a cladistic analysis is performed, in which 516 adult and larval morphologicalExpand
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The beetle tree of life reveals that Coleoptera survived end‐Permian mass extinction to diversify during the Cretaceous terrestrial revolution
Here we present a phylogeny of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) based on DNA sequence data from eight nuclear genes, including six single‐copy nuclear protein‐coding genes, for 367 species representingExpand
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Good-bye Scydmaenidae, or why the ant-like stone beetles should become megadiverse Staphylinidae sensu latissimo (Coleoptera)
Ant-like stone beetles (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae) include more than 4,850 described species in about 90 genera main- tained as a separate cosmopolitan family since 1815. Recent authors haveExpand
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Phylogeny and evolution of Staphyliniformia and Scarabaeiformia: forest litter as a stepping stone for diversification of nonphytophagous beetles
The beetle series Staphyliniformia exhibits extraordinary taxonomic, ecological and morphological diversity. To gain further insight into staphyliniform relationships and evolution, we reconstructedExpand
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Evolution and Classification of Beetles
Coleoptera are generally thought to be more closely related to the Neuropteroidea than to any other group of Holometabola. Possible synapomorphies of beetles and neuropteroids are: (a) presence of aExpand
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Synoptic classification of the world Tenebrionidae [Insecta: Coleoptera] with a review of family-group names
A synoptic classification of the Tenebrionidae is presented. The family is divided into 10 subfamilies, 96 tribes and 61 subtribes. A catalogue containing 319 family-group names based on 266 generaExpand
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Comparative morphology and evolutionary pathways of the mouthparts in spore‐feeding Staphylinoidea (Coleoptera)
This study surveys the external morphology of the mouthparts in the guild of spore-feeders among the coleopterous superfamily Staphylinoidea, evaluating the influence of different phylogenetic andExpand
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