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The psychology of human-computer interaction
This work focuses on applying Psychology to Design Reprise, and the GOMS Model of Manuscript Editing, as an application to Information-Processing Psychology. Expand
Human Problem Solving
The aim of the book is to advance the understanding of how humans think by putting forth a theory of human problem solving, along with a body of empirical evidence that permits assessment of the theory. Expand
Unified Theories of Cognition
Introduction The Nature of Theories What Are Unified Theories of Cognition? Is Psychology Ready for Unified Theories? The Task of the Book Foundations of Cognitive Science Behaving Systems KnowledgeExpand
SOAR: An Architecture for General Intelligence
SOAR, an implemented proposal for a foundation for a system capable of general intelligent behavior, is presented and its organizational principles, the system as currently implemented, and demonstrations of its capabilities are described. Expand
The Knowledge Level
  • A. Newell
  • Computer Science
  • Artif. Intell.
  • 1 April 1989
A theory of the nature of knowledge is proposed, namely, that there is another computer system level immediately above the symbol (or program) level and knowledge itself is the processing medium at this level and the principle of rationality plays a central role. Expand
The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems
There are ~eg:N ms:poets of aser~emt,xu{er ~rforma~ce tha~ sys*em designers sh~d sys~emarka{~ ~ e r. This arlic|e prop~yses a ~im~}e m~eL the Neys{T{.>ke-Levd Medea, for predkd~g o,~e aspe~'t MExpand
Mechanisms of Skill Acquisition and the Law of Practice
  • A. Newell
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • 1 August 1993
A model of practice rooted in modern cognitive psychology, the chunking theory of learning, is formulated in an investigation of the mechanisms underlying the performance improvement in psychology. Expand
Physical Symbol Systems
  • A. Newell
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Cogn. Sci.
  • 1 April 1980
In this paper, the nature of physical symbol systems is laid out in ways familiar, but not thereby useless, to review the basis of common understanding between the various disciplines. Expand
Computer science as empirical inquiry: symbols and search
Computer science is the study of the phenomena surrounding computers; the machine—not just the hardware, but the programmed, living machine—is the organism the authors study. Expand