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Statistical Methods For Assessing Measurement Error (Reliability) in Variables Relevant to Sports Medicine
It is recommended that sports clinicians and researchers should cite and interpret a number of statistical methods for assessing reliability. Expand
A multidisciplinary approach to talent identification in soccer
The requirements for soccer play are multifactorial and distinguishing characteristics of elite players can be investigated using multivariate analysis. The aim of the present study was to apply aExpand
Recovery of power output and muscle metabolites following 30 s of maximal sprint cycling in man.
1. The recovery of power output and muscle metabolites was examined following maximal sprint cycling exercise. Fourteen male subjects performed two 30 s cycle ergometer sprints separated by 1.5, 3Expand
Assessing agreement between measurements recorded on a ratio scale in sports medicine and sports science.
OBJECTIVE: The consensus of opinion suggests that when assessing measurement agreement, the most appropriate statistic to report is the "95% limits of agreement". The precise form that this intervalExpand
Scaling physiological measurements for individuals of different body size
SummaryThis paper examines how selected physiological performance variables, such as maximal oxygen uptake, strength and power, might best be scaled for subject differences in body size. The apparentExpand
Determinants of 2,000 m rowing ergometer performance in elite rowers
Abstract. This study examined the physiological determinants of performance during rowing over 2,000 m on an ergometer in finalists from World Championship rowing or sculling competitions from allExpand
The influence of crowd noise and experience upon refereeing decisions in football
Objective. The existence of the home advantage in sport is well known. There is growing evidence that crowd noise plays a crucial part in this phenomenon. Consequently, a quantitative study wasExpand
Changes in cardiorespiratory fitness and coronary heart disease risk factors following 24 wk of moderate- or high-intensity exercise of equal energy cost.
This study was designed to investigate the effect of exercise intensity on cardiorespiratory fitness and coronary heart disease risk factors. Maximum oxygen consumption (Vo(2 max)), lipid,Expand
Factors associated with home advantage in English and Scottish soccer matches.
Using the results from the end-of-season (1992-93) league tables, overall home advantage was confirmed in the eight major divisions of the English and Scottish football leagues. The degree of homeExpand
Lifestyle risk factors of students: a cluster analytical approach.
OBJECTIVE Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours have been identified as a problem amongst students. This present study investigated the prevalence and clustering of five lifestyle risk factors within a UKExpand