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Conduction and breakdown mechanismsin transformer oil
With a fast coaxial test setup using high speed electrical and optical diagnostics, prebreakdown current pulses and shadowgraphy images are measured for direct current (dc) breakdown in Univolt 61Expand
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Phenomenology of subnanosecond gas discharges at pressures below one atmosphere
Volume breakdown and surface flashover in quasi-homogeneous applied fields in 10-5 to 600 torr argon and dry air are investigated, using voltage pulses with 150 ps risetime, <1ns duration, and up toExpand
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Material selection of a ferrimagnetic loaded coaxial delay line for phasing gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission lines.
Implementing nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology in the design of a high power microwave source has the benefits of producing a comparatively small and lightweight solid-state system whereExpand
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DC flashover of a dielectric surface in atmospheric conditions
Surface flashover is a major consideration in a wide variety of high-voltage applications, and yet has not been studied in great detail for atmospheric conditions, with modern diagnostic tools.Expand
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Bias-field controlled phasing and power combination of gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission lines.
Gyromagnetic Nonlinear Transmission Lines (NLTLs) generate microwaves through the damped gyromagnetic precession of the magnetic moments in ferrimagnetic material, and are thus utilized as compact,Expand
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Characteristics of a four element gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission line array high power microwave source.
In this paper, a solid-state four element array gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission line high power microwave system is presented as well as a detailed description of its subsystems and generalExpand
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Interface Breakdown During High-Power Microwave Transmission
The major limiting factor in the transmission of narrowband high-power microwaves (HPM) has been the interface between vacuum-vacuum or even more severely between vacuum-air if HPM are to be radiatedExpand
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Imaging of High-Power Microwave-Induced Surface Flashover on a Corrugated Dielectric Window
Dielectric window flashover is a severe pulse-shortening phenomenon limiting the power levels radiated in high power microwave (HPM) systems. This type of flashover develops in regions under highExpand
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Pulsed Dielectric-Surface Flashover in an $ \hbox{SF}_{6}$ Environment
A recently upgraded laser-triggered gas switch at Sandia National Laboratories has developed a failure mode that results in the breakdown spark tracking to the inside of the containment envelope.Expand
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Physical efficiency limits of inch-sized helical MFCG's
Helical magnetic flux compression generators (MFCG) are attractive energy sources with respect to their specific energy output. A variety of one-time use applications would benefit from smallExpand
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