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A sustainable integrated system for culture of fish, seaweed and abalone
A 3.3 m 2 experimental system for the intensive land-based culture of abalone, seaweed and fish was established using an integrated design. The goals were to achieve nutrient recycling, reduced waterExpand
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Protein content determines the nutritional value of the seaweed Ulva lactuca L for the abalone Haliotis tuberculata L. and H. discus hannai Ino.
The nutritional value to abalone of Ulva lactuca L with different tissue nitrogen levels was studied. The seaweed was cultured at two levels of ammonia-N enrichment. Cultures receiving 0.5 gExpand
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Ulva lactuca Biofilters for Marine Fishpond Effluents. II. Growth Rate, Yield and C:N Ratio
The seaweed Ulva lactuca L. was cultured in effluents from intensive marine fishponds in Eilat, Israel. The specific growth rate and the yield of U. lactuca in nutrient-rich fishpond effluents wereExpand
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The integrated culture of seaweed, abalone, fish and clams in modular intensive land-based systems: II. Performance and nitrogen partitioning within an abalone (Haliotis tuberculata) and macroalgae
Abstract A pilot-scale system for the intensive land-based culture of abalone was established using an integrated design aimed at eliminating the dependence on external food sources, whilst reducingExpand
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Effect of water aeration and nutrient load level on biomass yield, N uptake and protein content of the seaweed Ulva lactuca cultured in seawater tanks
The effects of 16 different combinations of nutrient load and agitation on yield, nutrient uptake and proximate chemical composition of the seaweed Ulva lactuca cultured in tanks were evaluated.Expand
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Effect of diatom diets on growth and survival of the abalone Haliotis discus hannai postlarvae
Growth and survival of postlarval abalone Haliotis discus hannai Ino fed different diatom diets were examined for one month from settlement. Two diatoms, Amphora luciae Cholnoky and Navicula cf.Expand
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Nutrient dynamics and new production in a warm-core eddy from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
The nutrient dynamics of a warm-core eddy from the Eastern Mediterranean was studied through a complete annual cycle. Winter mixing of the upper 450 m of the eddy core resulted in phytoplanktonExpand
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A proposed model for “environmentally clean” land-based culture of fish, bivalves and seaweeds
Abstract A model system is proposed, in which particulate and dissolved metabolites from the effluents of fish culture are removed by biofilters of bivalves (Crassostrea gigas and/or TapesExpand
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Integrated mariculture: asking the right questions
Reducing negative environmental impacts from aquaculture activities is a key issue for ensuring long-term sustainability of the industry. This study examines the major findings and methodologyExpand
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A novel three-stage seaweed (Ulva lactuca) biofilter design for integrated mariculture
Seaweed biofilters have proven their usefulness in the treatment of fishpond effluents. However, their performance poses a dilemma: TAN (Total Ammonia N) uptake rate – and with it seaweed yield andExpand
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