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Accelerometer and rate gyroscope measurement of kinematics: an inexpensive alternative to optical motion analysis systems.
A general-purpose system to obtain the kinematics of gait in the sagittal plane based on body-mounted sensors was developed. It consisted of four uniaxial seismic accelerometers and one rateExpand
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Stop using the Ashworth Scale for the assessment of spasticity
Aim: Many studies have been performed on the methodological qualities of the (modified) Ashworth Scale but overall these studies seem inconclusive. The aim of this study was to investigate theExpand
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The orthotic effect of functional electrical stimulation on the improvement of walking in stroke patients with a dropped foot: a systematic review.
OBJECTIVE Analysis of the available evidence on the improvement of walking in stroke patients with a dropped foot when using peroneus stimulation. METHODS A systematic review was performed toExpand
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Is rectus femoris really a part of quadriceps? Assessment of rectus femoris function during gait in able-bodied adults.
There is conflicting evidence as to the precise activation pattern of the rectus femoris (RF) muscle during gait in able-bodied subjects. The aim of this study was to determine precise activationExpand
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Simultaneous multiple operations for spastic diplegia. Outcome and functional assessment of walking in 18 patients.
We assessed the outcome after simultaneous multiple operations performed on 18 children with spastic diplegia, with emphasis on the changes in the physiological cost index (PCI) of walking. FourteenExpand
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Paraplegic locomotion: a review
authorities' reports 95% of soldiers of the Balkan war who sustained SCI died within a few weeks of sustaining the injury. 2 During the First World War almost 80% of all American soldiers whoExpand
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Assessment of rectus femoris function during initial swing phase.
The normal human gait cycle is divided into two phases, namely, stance and swing. The objective of stance is to provide support, stability and propulsion and that of swing is to provide groundExpand
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Rectus femoris surface myoelectric signal cross-talk during static contractions.
The clinical application of EMG requires that the recorded signal is representative of the muscle of interest and is not contaminated with signals from adjacent muscles. Some authors report thatExpand
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The effects of walking speed on forefoot, hindfoot and ankle joint motion.
BACKGROUND Foot and ankle joint kinematic differences have been identified between healthy subjects and subjects with various pathologies suffering from foot and ankle impairments. Changes inExpand
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The biomechanics of fixed ankle foot orthoses and their potential in the management of cerebral palsied children
Summary The use of fixed ankle foot orthoses is becoming quite widespread in the management of the cerebral palsied child. On many occasions, lack of understanding of the underlying biomechanicalExpand
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