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The Atlantic salmon genome provides insights into rediploidization
The whole-genome duplication 80 million years ago of the common ancestor of salmonids (salmonid-specific fourth vertebrate whole-genome duplication, Ss4R) provides unique opportunities to learn aboutExpand
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The genome sequence of Atlantic cod reveals a unique immune system
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is a large, cold-adapted teleost that sustains long-standing commercial fisheries and incipient aquaculture. Here we present the genome sequence of Atlantic cod, showingExpand
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Expression of Patella vulgata orthologs of engrailed and dpp-BMP2/4 in adjacent domains during molluscan shell development suggests a conserved compartment boundary mechanism.
The engrailed gene is well known from its role in segmentation and central nervous system development in a variety of species. In molluscs, however, engrailed is involved in shell formation. So far,Expand
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The khmer software package: enabling efficient nucleotide sequence analysis
The khmer package is a freely available software library for working efficiently with fixed length DNA words, or k-mers. khmer provides implementations of a probabilistic k-mer counting dataExpand
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Assessing diversity of the female urine microbiota by high throughput sequencing of 16S rDNA amplicons
BackgroundUrine within the urinary tract is commonly regarded as "sterile" in cultivation terms. Here, we present a comprehensive in-depth study of bacterial 16S rDNA sequences associated with urineExpand
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Alterations of microbiota in urine from women with interstitial cystitis
BackgroundInterstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder with unknown etiology. The aim of this study was to characterize the microbial community present in the urineExpand
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Genome Evolution of a Tertiary Dinoflagellate Plastid
The dinoflagellates have repeatedly replaced their ancestral peridinin-plastid by plastids derived from a variety of algal lineages ranging from green algae to diatoms. Here, we have characterizedExpand
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A novel totivirus and piscine reovirus (PRV) in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) with cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS)
BackgroundCardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) is a severe disease affecting large farmed Atlantic salmon. Mortality often appears without prior clinical signs, typically shortly prior to slaughter. WeExpand
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Evolution of the immune system influences speciation rates in teleost fishes
Teleost fishes constitute the most species-rich vertebrate clade and exhibit extensive genetic and phenotypic variation, including diverse immune defense strategies. The genomic basis of aExpand
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On the middle ground between open source and commercial software - the case of the Newbler program
Earlier this year, I started a petition (http://flxlexblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/make-newbler-open-source/) to ask Roche Applied Science to make the source code of their Newbler software (GS DeExpand
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