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Teacher Accountability in South African Public Schools: A Call for Professionalism from Teachers
Abstract Many times teachers hide behind “The Department”, “The Standards”, “The Examinations”, and “The Resources” when taken to task about their poor instruction and lack of adequate care forExpand
An Exploratory Study of Corporal Punishment by Teachers in Zimbabwean Schools : Issues and Challenges
This study sought to explore the issues and challenges faced by teachers on use of corporal punishment in Zimbabwean schools. A case study design that is mainly qualitative in nature with someExpand
Transforming epistemologies in the postcolonial African university? The challenge of the politics of knowledge
The process of knowledge production, dissemination and consumption has captured much scholarly attention from a political viewpoint in recent times. Discourses on development, empowerment,Expand
African universities on a global ranking scale: Legitimation of knowledge hierarchies?
In this theoretical paper, I argue that the interconnection between the excruciating superiority of the West to conflate its own prototype of society with the ideal state of being is manifestedExpand
(E)ducation or (e)ducation in Traditional African Societies? A Philosophical Insight
Abstract The paper is a theoretical –conceptual exploration of the place of traditional systems of educating in African societies prior to the colonisation by the West. The researchers argue thatExpand
Conflict Resolution between Heads and Teachers: The Case of 4 Schools in Masvingo Zimbabwe
The study sought to establish causes of conflict amongst primary school heads and teachers and how such conflicts could be resolved in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. The study also sought to establish teachers’Expand
Philosophy for children: the quest for an African perspective
The debate as to whether philosophy is suitable for children is an ancient one and the discussion of philosophical issues has been withheld from the young since Plato’s time. This paper seeks toExpand
An African Philosophy for Children: In Defense of Hybridity
In this chapter, I present a theoretical argument for a hybridized Philosophy for Children program. I defend the contention that Africanizing education institutions should start from what isExpand
Epistemic (in)justice in African universities: a perspective of the politics of knowledge
Abstract From a theoretical standpoint, the paper challenges the existing unfair representation of knowledge systems in the African university. We argue that the continued domination of EurocentricExpand
Conceptions of “Child” among Traditional Africans: A Philosophical Purview
Abstract In this paper, the researchers present a theoretical discussion of the notion of “child” in traditional African communities. The researchers’ premise is that different societies have uniqueExpand