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Basidiomycetes with branched, water‐borne conidia
A number of water-borne fungi with branched conidia have been shown to be basidiomycetes. These fungi resemble aquatic hyphomyectes in their habitat, conidial morphology and ontogeny. Their conidiaExpand
Mycorrhizal status of epiphytes in Malaysian oil palm plantations
Only four species of angiosperms that were facultative epiphytes and a hemiepiphyte growing within 0.4 m of ground level had vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi. Expand
Clathrosporium intricatum gen. et sp.nov. an aero-aquatic hyphomycete
An aero-aquatic hyphomycete with clathrate, sphaerical to subglobose conidia from submerged decaying leaves, is described and illustrated and distinguished from Clathrosphaerina zalewskii and Spirosphaera. Expand
Cryptophialoidea gen.nov. on decaying leaves from Malaysia
Cryptophialoidea gen.nov. is erected to accommodate Cryptophiale secunda. Cryptophialoidea uncispora sp.nov. is described as the second species in the new genus.
Ganoderma boninense Pat. from Basal Stem Rot of Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) in Peninsular Malaysia
Several hundred sporophores of Ganoderma were collected from 5 - 40 years old palm trees infected with basal stem rot in 5 oil palm estates in Peninsular Malaysia and identified as belonging to a single species, G. boninense Pat. Expand
Eight new species of Dictyochaeta (Hyphomycetes) from Malaysia
The relationships of each taxon are discussed and new additions to Dictyochaeta gyrosetula sp. Expand
Developmental studies in Actinospora and three similar aquatic hyphomycetes
On the basis of ontogenetic studies of pure cultures submerged in a constant flow of water, Actinospora megalospora Ingold is redescribed and emended, and three other new fungi are described and illustrated and the new combination Brachiosphaera jamaicensis (Crane & Dumont) Nawawi is proposed. Expand
Effect of temperature and pH on growth pattern of Ganoderma boninense from oil palm in Peninsular Malaysia.
Mycelial growth of boninense from floating inoculum disks incubates in flasks swirled daily was significantly more abundant than that from submerged inocula disks in static flasks, and the pH of medium change correspondingly with the change in growth pattern. Expand