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Health Communication during SARS
During the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, electronic media made it possible to disseminate prevention messages rapidly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travelers’Expand
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Quarantine Activity Reporting System (QARS)
This poster describes the Quarantine Activity Reporting System (QARS), a new web based,secure electronic system which enables tracking the presence of ill persons on inbound flights and vessels and at land border crossings, infectious disease threats, or actions related to imported pathogens. Expand
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Identification of new transitions and mass assignments of levels in $^{143-153}$Pr
The previously reported levels assigned to 151,152,153Pr have recently been called into question regarding their mass assignment. The above questioned level assignments are clarified by measuringExpand
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Deformed band structures in neutron-rich Pm152–158 isotopes
High spin band structures of neutron-rich $^{152-158}$Pm isotopes have been obtained from the measurement of prompt $\gamma$-rays of isotopically identified fragments produced in fission ofExpand
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Threshold anomaly in 16O + 209Bi system
Abstract Elastic-scattering angular distributions for the 16O + 209Bi system have been measured at laboratory energies of 80, 83, 90,95, 98 and 100 MeV. The present data along with the data availableExpand
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New Analysis of Levels in 153 Pr
New analysis of levels in $^{96,100}$Y
Pseudo Spin Doublet Bands and Gallagher Moszkowski Doublet Bands in $^{100}$Y
New transitions in the deformed neutron-rich 100Y uniquely identified using the VAMOS++ spectrometer (A, Z) in conjunction with EXOGAM, produced in fission reactions of 238U on a 9Be target atExpand