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Determination of enantiomeric excess by chiral liquid chromatography without enantiomerically pure starting standards.
A facile approach for the enantiomeric excess determination of enantiomeric mixtures without the necessity of pure enantiomer standards is presented. Promethazine and trimeprazine commercialExpand
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Enhancer effect of fluorescein on the luminol-H2O2-horseradish peroxidase chemiluminescence: energy transfer process.
The chemiluminescence of the luminol-H2O2-horseradish peroxidase system is increased by fluorescein. Fluorescein produces an enhancement of the luminol chemiluminescence similar to that ofExpand
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Determination of asulam by fast stopped-flow chemiluminescence inhibition of luminol/peroxidase.
An efficient, sensitive and fast stopped-flow method has been developed to determine asulam in water, based on its inhibition effect on the horseradish peroxidase-luminol-hydrogen peroxideExpand
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Variable-angle synchronous fluorescence spectrometry and rank annihilation methods for mixture resolution.
The potential of variable angle synchronous spectroscopy (VASS) for fluorescent mixtures resolution was assessed and compared with the rank annihilation method (RAM). For this purpose, a set ofExpand
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Enhancement and inhibition of luminol chemiluminescence by phenolic acids.
We explored the behaviour of a series of phenolic acids used as enhancers or inhibitors of luminol chemiluminescence by three different methods to determine if behaviour was associated with phenolicExpand
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Photophysical behaviour of 2-(dimethylamino)-fluorene in organised assemblies
The effects of cyclodextrins and TX-100 micelles on the fluorescent properties of 2-(dimethylamino)-fluorene (DAF) were studied. The photophysical properties of DAF in the micelle aggregates andExpand
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Resolution of (+)-cinchonine and (-)-cinchonidine by phase-modulation fluorescence spectroscopy.
The different fluorescence lifetime profiles of the optical isomers (+)-cinchonine (CN) and (-)-cinchonidine (CD) have been used to resolve their mixtures, on the basis of phase and modulationExpand
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HPLC enantioseparation of alkaloid malacitanine using fluorimetric/polarimetric detection.
This work reports two methods developed for the separation and determination of the enantiomers of the new alkaloid malacitanine (MLC) and the determination of the enantiomeric purity in mixtures.Expand
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Chemiluminescent lipase determination based on the enhanced luminol/H2O2/horseradish peroxidase/fluorescein diacetate energy transfer system
Abstract A methodology for the determination of lipase, based on the coupled processes of energy transfer and enhancement of the chemiluminescence of the luminol-H2O2-horseradish peroxidase (HRP)Expand
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Phenol derivatives as enhancers and inhibitors of luminol-H2O2-horseradish peroxidase chemiluminescence.
Systematic studies on phenol derivatives facilitates an explanation of the enhancement or inhibition of the luminol-H2O2-horseradish peroxidase system chemiluminescence. Factors that govern theExpand
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