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Ecological assessment of riparian forests in Benin
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Significance of sacred sites for riparian forest conservation in Central Benin.
Ibu odo, or sacred pools or points in the river, are generally respected by Tchabe communities along the Oueme and Okpara Rivers of Central Benin (West Africa). Ibu odo are governed by rules that mayExpand
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Discovery of a new duiker species (Bovidae: Cephalophinae) from the Dahomey Gap, West Africa
Among the two most widely distributed duiker species, Philantomba monticola (Thunberg, 1789) and Philantomba maxwelli (C. H. Smith, 1827), the latter shows geographic variation in pelage color andExpand
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Characterization of Pentadesma butyracea sabine Butters of Different Production Regions in Benin
Pentadesma butter (Pentadesmabutyracea, sabine, clusiaceae) is an extract of the kernels of tree fruits in West Africa and similar to shea butter. The study of the fatty acid composition,Expand
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Riparian forests, a unique but endangered ecosystem in Benin
Riparian forests are often small in area, but are of extreme ecological and economic value for local people. The interest of riparian forests lies in their resources: basically fertile and moistExpand
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Functional traits partially mediate the effects of chronic anthropogenic disturbance on the growth of a tropical tree
Abstract Understanding how trees mediate the effects of chronic anthropogenic disturbance is fundamental to developing forest sustainable management strategies. The role that intraspecific functionalExpand
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Morphological variability of the tallow tree, Pentadesma butyracea Sabine (Clusiaceae), in Benin
The seeds of Pentadesma butyracea (butter tree) are exploited by rural populations in West Africa to produce butter used for consumption and as an ingredient in cosmetics and medicinal preparations.Expand
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A phytosociological study of riparian forests in Benin (West Africa)
Floristic ordination and classification of riparian forests in Benin were derived from a comprehensive floristic inventory. TWINSPAN classification and DCA analysis of a data set of 818 plant speciesExpand
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Terrestrial small mammal diversity and abundance in central Benin: comparison between habitats, with conservation implications
We performed a terrestrial small mammal species inventory in the Agoua and Wari-Maro forest reserves (Benin). Four localities were sampled, and in each locality, three habitats were surveyed: denseExpand
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