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Own Tax Revenues and Buoyancies: Comparative Performance of States
Our Constitution provides financial powers to the State governments and, therefore, the tax and non-tax revenue a state can collect . The present paper looks at comparative performance of the state
Bearing of Export Subsidies on Pakistan’s Exports
The purpose of this research is to discuss the importance of exports in the economic development of Pakistan and to analyze the relationship between export and export subsidies in Pakistan.
Author Index EPOS, 2016, Rome, Italy
  • A. Naqvi
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    Journal of children's orthopaedics
  • 16 March 2016
This book aims to provide a chronology of key events and individuals in the history of the music industry from 1989 to 2002, as well as some anecdotes from the period up to and including the year in question.
Serum Vitamin Status Profile and Cognitive Function in a National Sample of Older Americans
These findings for SICF contradict those of previous studies, which found a relationship between certain vitamins and changes in brain mass or cognitive function in small, selected samples.
A Comparison of Fiscal Capacity of States in India: A Regression Approach
The States with low taxable capacity need special help in terms of more funds for providing the social and economic services. In addition to ‘equalization’, another important consideration in a sound