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High Speed VLSI Implementation of the Hyperbolic Tangent Sigmoid Function
The hyperbolic tangent function is commonly used as the activation function in artificial neural networks. In this work two different hardware implementations for the hyperbolic tangent function areExpand
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A New Finite-Field Multiplier Using Redundant Representation
A novel serial-in parallel-out finite field multiplier using redundant representation is proposed. It is shown that the proposed architecture has either a significantly lower complexity andExpand
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High Speed Word-parallel Bit-Serial Normal Basis Finite Field Multiplier and Its FPGA Implementation
A new high speed word-parallel bit-serial finite field multiplier using a reordered normal basis is presented. The proposed multiplier is used for a class of finite fields in which there exists aExpand
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A Serial-In Parallel-Out Multiplier Using Redundant Representation For A Class of Finite Fields
A new serial-in parallel-out finite field multiplier using redundant basis for a class of fields is proposed. It has been shown that the proposed architecture has higher speed in comparison to theExpand
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Buckling of Stiffened Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compression with Symmetrical Imperfections
This study aimed to investigate the effects of stiffeners on buckling of thin cylindrical shells under uniform axial compression. To this end, more than 300 finite element models of stiffenedExpand