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The Arabidopsis GNOM ARF-GEF Mediates Endosomal Recycling, Auxin Transport, and Auxin-Dependent Plant Growth
Exchange factors for ARF GTPases (ARF-GEFs) regulate vesicle trafficking in a variety of organisms. The Arabidopsis protein GNOM is a brefeldin A (BFA) sensitive ARF-GEF that is required for theExpand
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Systematic analysis of SNARE molecules in Arabidopsis: dissection of the post-Golgi network in plant cells.
In all eucaryotic cells, specific vesicle fusion during vesicular transport is mediated by membrane-associated proteins called SNAREs (soluble N-ethyl-maleimide sensitive factor attachment proteinExpand
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Ara6, a plant‐unique novel type Rab GTPase, functions in the endocytic pathway of Arabidopsis thaliana
Ara6 of Arabidopsis thaliana is a novel member of the Rab/Ypt GTPase family with unique structural features. It resembles Rab5 GTPases best, but lacks a large part of the C‐terminal hypervariableExpand
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Arabidopsis Sterol Endocytosis Involves Actin-Mediated Trafficking via ARA6-Positive Early Endosomes
BACKGROUND In contrast to the intense attention devoted to research on intracellular sterol trafficking in animal cells, knowledge about sterol transport in plant cells remains limited, and virtuallyExpand
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Functional differentiation of endosomes in Arabidopsis cells.
Endocytosis plays an important role in plant physiology, but how endocytic organelles are organized remains unknown. We present the evidence that endosomes are functionally differentiated inExpand
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Ergosterol is required for targeting of tryptophan permease to the yeast plasma membrane
It was known that the uptake of tryptophan is reduced in the yeast erg6 mutant, which is defective in a late step of ergosterol biosynthesis. Here, we show that this is because the high affinityExpand
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VAN3 ARF–GAP-mediated vesicle transport is involved in leaf vascular network formation
Within the leaf of an angiosperm, the vascular system is constructed in a complex network pattern called venation. The formation of this vein pattern has been widely studied as a paradigm of tissueExpand
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A dominant negative mutant of sar1 GTPase inhibits protein transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus in tobacco and Arabidopsis cultured cells.
Protein secretion plays an important role in plant cells as it does in animal and yeast cells, but the tools to study molecular events of plant secretion are very limited. We have focused on the Sar1Expand
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A complex and mobile structure forms a distinct subregion within the continuous vacuolar membrane in young cotyledons of Arabidopsis.
The plant vacuole is a multifunctional organelle which is essential for growth and development. To visualize the dynamics of plant vacuolar membranes, gamma-TIP (tonoplast intrinsic protein) wasExpand
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Defensin-like polypeptide LUREs are pollen tube attractants secreted from synergid cells
For more than 140 years, pollen tube guidance in flowering plants has been thought to be mediated by chemoattractants derived from target ovules. However, there has been no convincing evidence of anyExpand
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