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Floral anatomy of Neotropical species of Mayacaceae
Abstract The Mayacaceae are a monogeneric monocot family of herbs that grow on swampy areas in the Americas and in Africa. Both the number of species constituting the family and its inter-familialExpand
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Desenvolvimento ps-seminal de espcies de Poaceae (Poales)
This work has aimed to verify the existence of a pattern of the post-seminal development in Poaceae. Thus, Olyra humilis Nees (Bambusoideae); Axonopus aureus P. Beauv. e Paspalum polyphyllum Nees exExpand
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Physical dormancy in senna multijuga (fabaceae: caesalpinioideae) seeds: the role of seed structures in water uptake
Structural studies in seeds with physical dormancy (PY) are important to better understand its causes and release when subjected to treatments for dormancy breaking. The aims of this study were toExpand
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Swartzia langsdorffii Raddi: morphophysiological traits of a recalcitrant seed dispersed during the dry season
Swartzia langsdorffii seeds have recalcitrant characteristics. Nonetheless, dispersal begins in the month with the lowest precipitation in the studied region, which could lead to seed death byExpand
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Sinais e Sintomas Vestibulares e Doenças do Sistema Nervoso Central
O desafio diante de pacientes com sintomas vestibulares (SV) e a distincao entre o acometimento do sistema vestibular periferico ou do sistema nervoso central (SNC), pois se tratam de etiologias comExpand
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Morfoanatomia e ontogênese da sâmara de Pterocarpus violaceus Vogel (Fabaceae: Faboideae)
Morphological, anatomical and developmental descriptions of P. violaceus fruits and seeds were made in order to verify the origin of the pericarpic wing and the occurrence of polyembryonic seeds,Expand
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Morfologia e anatomia dos frutos e sementes de três espécies de Erythroxylum P. Browne (Erythroxylaceae)
The "cerrado" (sensu lato) vegetation includes 20 to 25% of the Brazilian territory showing a very rich and diversified flora with around 6,062 Phanerogam species, such as trees, large shrubs, andExpand
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Época de colheita e capacidade germinativa de sementes de Tibouchina mutabilis (Vell.) Cogn. (Melastomataceae)
Simao, E., Nakamura, A.T. & Takaki, M. Harvest period and germination capacity of Tibouchina mutabilis (Vell.) Cogn. (Melastomataceae) seeds. Biota Neotrop. Jan/Apr 2007 vol. 7, no. 1Expand
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The germination of seeds of Epiphyllum phyllanthus (L.) Haw. (Cactaceae) is controlled by phytochrome and by nonphytochrome related process
The Epiphyllum phyllanthus seeds present high sensitivity to light and their germination can be promoted by dim green safe light through the very low fluence response mediated by phytochrome A. PartExpand
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