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Comparison and evaluation of the PLL techniques for the design of the grid-connected inverter systems
The knowledge of the phase, amplitude and frequency of the utility voltage is a fundamental aspect for the design of the grid-connected inverter systems. In this paper are presented the basicExpand
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Monitoring and synchronization techniques for single-phase PV systems
In order to meet standard specifications in terms of power quality and safety for grid-connected systems the phase angle, the amplitude and the frequency of the grid voltage are a critical piece ofExpand
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Synchronization techniques for grid connected wind turbines
Phase locked loop (PLL) algorithms are very important for grid synchronization in most of the grid-connected power converters applications. Particularly new grid codes for wind parks pose seriousExpand
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Analysis of a universal inverter working in grid-connected, stand-alone and micro-grid
Inverters are a universal interface to inject the power produced by distributed power generation in stand-alone loads, micro-grid or the main electrical grid. The control system of a universalExpand
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Gain-scheduling-based droop control for universal operation of small wind turbine systems
Universal operation of small-power wind turbine systems (grid-connected and island mode) may increase their penetration in the power systems. This paper proposes the use of gain scheduling to adaptExpand
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Implementation on DSP TMS320F2812 of the control of the grid converter of a small wind turbine system
The paper discusses implementation issues related to the control of a three-phase grid-inverter for a wind-turbine system (WTS). The grid-side converter is controlled in order to maintain constantExpand
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Harmonic control strategy for universal operation of wind turbine systems
Universal wind power generation systems (WPGS) should be able to operate both grid-connected and in island mode without compromising the power quality. The control system of a universal WPGS has toExpand
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Small wind turbines in grid-interactive microgrids
This paper is focused on the control of small wind turbines, rated less than 200 kW, in grid-interactive microgrids. The considered system is based on a back-to-back power conversion stage. TheExpand