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Designing an Interactive and Collaborative Experience in Audio Augmented Reality
This paper proposes an experiment to examine how spatial audio can prompt and support actions in interactive AAR experiences; how distinct auditory information influence collaborative tasks and group dynamics; and how gamified AAR can enhance participatory storytelling.
Interactive Audio Augmented Reality in Participatory Performance
This study investigates an AAR participatory performance based on the theater and performance practice by theater maker Augusto Boal and draws from aspects of multi-player audio-only games and interactive storytelling.
The Subjectivities of Wearable Sleep-Trackers - A Discourse Analysis
Self-reported quality and duration of sleep in Western populations is declining. The interest in wearable sleep-trackers that are promising better sleep is growing. By wearing a device day and night
Sleep-Mode: On Sleeping With Wearable Technology
  • A. Nagele
  • Computer Science
  • 14 February 2021
This exploratory research project aims to untangle the effects of sleep-tracking on individual and social levels and provide a starting point for a posthuman approach to designing wearable technology.