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Treatment of brachial plexus injury
  • A. Nagano
  • Medicine
  • Journal of orthopaedic science : official journal…
  • 1998
The best results of intercostal nerve transfer were achieved in patients younger than 30 years who received the operation within 6 months after injury, and protective sensation was restored in fingers innervated by the median nerve. Expand
Usefulness of Myelography in Brachial Plexus Injuries
The results show that myelography can be a reliable and useful pre-exploratory measure to assess the level of the lesion of each injured root. Expand
Direct nerve crossing with the intercostal nerve to treat avulsion injuries of the brachial plexus.
One hundred seventy-nine patients with root avulsion brachial plexus injuries were treated with direct nerve crossing with the intercostal nerve and 159 cases were followed more than 1 1/2 yearsExpand
Spontaneous anterior interosseous nerve palsy with hourglass-like fascicular constriction within the main trunk of the median nerve.
In eight of these patients, an hourglass-like constriction in the fascicles forming the anterior interosseous nerve was found within the main trunk of the median nerve at 2-7.5 cm above the medial epicondyle. Expand
The Relationship between Pre-Operative Symptoms, Operative Findings and Postoperative Complications in Schwannomas
Tumours with pre-operative symptoms and masses located at a proximal site in the limb were more likely to be impossible to enucleate completely and to have mild neurological complications postoperatively. Expand
Restoration of elbow flexion in root lesions of brachial plexus injuries.
A retrospective review of 87 patients with loss of elbow flexion secondary to root injuries of the brachial plexus was carried out, and treatment recommendations were developed. Expand
Diagnostic utility of magnetic resonance imaging skeletal survey in a patient with oncogenic osteomalacia.
A patient with adult-onset osteomalacia due to renal phosphate wasting is described, and magnetic resonance imaging skeletal survey revealed a tumor in the right femoral bone, which resulted in normalization of serum phosphate and renal phosphate handling. Expand
Nerve grafting in brachial plexus injuries. Results of free grafts in 90 patients.
Recovery of the deltoid and infraspinatus muscles was better when injury had occurred to the circumflex and suprascapular nerves rather than to the plexus itself, perhaps because these nerves were explored in their entirety to determine the presence of multiple lesions. Expand
Simultaneous anterior and posterior interosseous nerve paralysis with several hourglass-like fascicular constrictions in both nerves.
A patient with simultaneous anterior and posterior interosseous nerve paralysis was treated surgically with interfascicular neurolysis and found to have several hourglass-like fascicularExpand
Intercostal nerve transfer to restore upper extremity functions after brachial plexus injury.
It is concluded that intercostal nerve transfer after brachial plexus injury was a useful procedure to restore elbow flexion and shoulder functions, and for restoring a protective sensation in the fingers. Expand