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Fluoride-induced changes in carbohydrate metabolism in the tissues of fresh water crab Barytelphusa querini.
Exposure of fresh water crab Barytelphusa querini to a sublethal concentration of NaF (30 ppm) caused significant alterations in the carbohydrate metabolism, resulting in marked depletion in glycogen and total free sugar levels.
Effects of endosulfan 35 EC on certain aspects of protein metabolism in various tissues of a fresh water field crab, Barytelphusa guerini
In a short-term exposure of 96 hr, the total and soluble protein content recorded a depletion followed by a progressive accumulation of free amino acids, and a progressive enhancement in transaminase activities paralleled the glutamate dehydrogenase elevation in all the tissues.
Effect of endosulfan 35 EC on glycogen metabolism in the hemolymph and tissues of a freshwater field crab
A tissue-specific and time-dependant variation in tissue glucose reserves paralleled the progressive accumulation of hemolymph sugars in a freshwater field crab.