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Acoustic wave based MEMS devices for biosensing applications.
Different approaches to the realization of FBARs, SAW resonators and SAW delay lines for various biochemical applications are presented and methods of integration of the acoustic wave MEMS devices in the microfluidic systems and functionalization strategies will be discussed. Expand
Development of photo forensics algorithm by detecting photoshop manipulation using error level analysis
The objective of this paper is to develop a photo forensics algorithm which can detect any photo manipulation and showed that the proposed algorithm could identify successfully the modified image as well as showing the exact location of modifications. Expand
Design and application of radio frequency identification systems
The recent world, development of effective technologies for linking the object wireless information is being prompted in various fields. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the latest technologyExpand
A Novel Cell-Based Hybrid Acoustic Wave Biosensor with Impedimetric Sensing Capabilities
A novel multiparametric biosensor system based on living cells based on the innovative use of the upper electrode of a quartz crystal microbalance resonator as working electrode for the ECIS technique is presented. Expand
Toxicity studies using mammalian cells and impedance spectroscopy method
Abstract This research presents a study of cell-based Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) sensors employed for testing toxicants in real-time. Mammalian cells are exposed to toxicantsExpand
The influence of the electrode dimension on the detection sensitivity of electric cell–substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) and its mathematical modeling
Detection sensitivity is a crucial criterion in the design and application of ECIS sensors. The influence of sensing electrode dimension on detection sensitivity is investigated in this paper. EightExpand
UHF RFID antenna architectures and applications
The purpose of this paper is to review and discuss various algorithms and methodologies aimed at providing more flexible and efficient ways of analyzing RFID antenna and serve as a comparative studies and reference beneficial forRFID antenna researchers, for future implementation of the technology. Expand
Electrical cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) based biosensor for characterization of DF-1 cells
Electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) method can be used as a valuable tool for real time monitoring of cell behavior such as attachment, mobility, and growth. Changes in impedance of theExpand
A comparative study on MEMS piezoelectric microgenerators
The growing demand of wireless sensor networks has created the necessity of miniature, portable, long lasting and easily recharged sources of power. Traditional, hazardous batteries are renderedExpand